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Psychotherapy is a treatment method that focuses on self-development, prevention and treatment of mental disorders. Short-term psychotherapy is up to 25 sessions. Long-term psychotherapy can take anything from several months to several years. Each certified psychotherapist must complete 50 to 150 hours of individual psychotherapy to be sufficiently qualified for this job.

Thanks to psychotherapy, we increase our awareness of our patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour in various situations of our lives. Most of us have a way of dealing with life situations which we learned either from our parents, or friends, or which was the best possible behaviour at the time in order to survive or meet our essential needs in the circumstances. We continue to use this pattern regardless of whether it is effective in new situations. Often it no longer works. During psychotherapy, we become aware of these patterns and gradually try to adopt new types of behavior, thinking and experience. This way we heal.

It may be a very long but liberating journey. Gestalt psychotherapy helps you become aware of your individual inner processes  by using active listening, recognizing and naming your experience, asking what you are feeling or what you have experienced and also describing what you observe in your own or your therapist’s physical being or your mutual dialogue.

If you want to sign up for psychotherapy, be prepared to work on yourself and bring forward your observations, experiences and experiments. The relationship with the psychotherapist is very important, so it's nice to find someone who you get along with and who makes you feel safe. The role of a psychotherapist is to create a safe environment where you can explore your life together. For this reason, after the first 5 test sessions, we will talk about whether we are going to work on it together.

A single psychotherapy session lasts 50 minutes and the recommended frequency is once a week.