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Biofeedback a Neurofeedback


Biofeedback is a new advanced device method for managing stress and reducing phobias and anxiety. It works as a biological feedback based on the principle of conditioning and rewards. Each client experiences success in training. Biofeedback monitors physiological functions. The client sees their own results on a computer screen and learns to control and regulate their bodily manifestations through feedback. They will also learn to transfer this new ability to life outside the therapeutic room. It is a brain exercise to improve your mental performance.


Neurofeedback is a method, recognized by experts from the fields of Neuroscience and Psychology, used for training brain wave activity. It has a number of applications. It is used for the treatment of sleeping difficulties, attention disorders as well as for training of relaxation, creativity and effective performance at work or in sports. It is used as a monitoring device to provide immediate information about the electrical activity of the brain. Based on feedback and learning principles, changes in brain structures occur. These are associated with permanent positive changes in physical condition and emotional experience.


  • Improving attention and concentration at work or when learning
  • Improving stress management in stressful situations at work and in personal life (e.g. during presentations or while multi-tasking at home and at work)
  • Prevention against burnout syndrome
  • Reduction of unpleasant stress-related symptoms, e.g. sweating, muscle tension, blusing etc.
  • Improving sleep quality and duration
  • Treatment of anxiety disorders (various types of phobias and panic attacks e.g. fear of flying, elevators, heights or doctors)
  • Treatment of children and adults diagnosed with ADHD or ADD
  • Treatment of migraines and tension headaches
  • Reduction of the risk of stress-related illnesses (effects on the cardiovascular, immune, nervous and endocrine systems)

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