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How I work
During therapy I focus on the needs of my client. In the first session, in a joint interview, we will find out what your needs are, what topics you would like to focus on, and together we will define the goals and topics for the next sessions. I use the methods of the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Mindfulness based on the client’s needs.
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What I can help you with
We experience a lot of joy in life, but troubles and sorrows are also a natural part of it, as well. Sometimes we feel stuck and overwhelmed and do not want to be alone in our suffering. Other times we may feel that we are in a good place in life and don’t quite understand why there is no relief to be found when we are supposed to be happy.
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When and Why Use Psychological Services
For many, the decision to see a psychologist or a psychotherapist is a very important and often a very difficult step in life. The social stigma that seeing a psychologist means that I am crazy or unable to manage my own life can hinder this decision. So, when is it appropriate to use our services?
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