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Using various psychodiagnostic tools, we diagnose the client's mental state. We use methods to assess fitness to work, suitable types of employment, stress profiles and also suitable types of personal development.

We use questionnaires, instrumental and projective methods.

One of the questionnaires we use is the GPOP Personality Typology Questionnaire. It is a practical and professionally respected tool used especially for professional or personal development related to our mental well-being and positive self-acceptance.

The GPOP Personality Typology Questionnaire can help you:

  1. understand yourself better
  2. become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses
  3. support your self-motivation
  4. identify your potential
  5. understand how stress affects and manifests itself in your behaviour
  6. find ways to resolve conflicts and problems
  7. understand the dynamics of personality and its temperament